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Indulge your senses in pure luxury at The Spa at Mercedes hair design
This full body massage is designed to reach the deeper tissue structures of the body. Excellent for those who prefer direct deep pressure to relieve stress. Deep Tissue Massage is recommended only for those who receive massage on a regular basis

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Central New York weather is tough on skin - pamper yourself with a custom facial, eye treatment or glycolic peel. Not only will your skin look terrific, you'll feel relaxed and
stress-free. We also offer back and body treatment - see the details below.

Moisture Replacement Facial
This relaxing facial will cleans, exfoliate and hydrate your skin...non-irritating...hypo-allergenic...for all skin types...products used vary according to skin type.

Glycolic Peel
"All natural" citrus acids applied to face to remove surface dry skin...acts as an exfoliant and aids in blemish and blackhead control.

Nourissa Eye Treatment
Recommended at the first signs of puffiness, fine lines, crow's feet or dark circles in the eye area...a therapeutic drainage massage and contouring masque will bring immediate results.

Epigran Ampoule Facial Treatment
Clinical tests have shown that this intensive facial treatment is suitable for maintaining fresh-looking and vibrant skin...firms, tones & rehydrates the skin...great for maturing skin...hypo-allergenic...contains wheatgerm.

Body Mask
Marine botanical mud mask is applied to your entire body (may choose legs/arms only) to hydrate skin.

Body Detoxifying Treatment
A skin detoxifying body wrap with botanical mud and essential oils to naturally exfoliate the skin.

Back Treatment
A facial for your back! Exfoliate dry skin and help remove blemishes and blackheads.

Cellulite Treatment
NEW! Celluline Body Care Series with botanical extracts will help you combat cellulite. This program assists in strengthening connective tissues & activating circulation to increase firmenss of the skin.

Full Body Massage
NEW! Treat yourself! Relieve tired, sore muscles with a relaxing full-body massage from our certified massage therapist.

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